Content development is the final element of a powerful learning environment. And it's arguably the most important. How do you take a complex topic and make it engaging and memorable?

Below are two examples of animated presentations, introducing the topic of business analytics to professionals in the field of HR / Talent Management. They showcase how our learning design can use skill—and humour—to break down a difficult, sometimes intimidating, topic into a digestible format.

Many of the target audience are new to the topic but keen to learn how analytics can help them add more value and perform better.

Example 1:

A click-through sequence designed to illustrate how analytics can generate unexpected business insight in the human capital / talent management field.

Note: For demo purposes, self-paced "click-through" is presented as a continuous video. Click / tap the preview image to launch. 

Further notes:

This sequence was produced as part of a two-day in-person course called Analytics for Talent Management (client: Human Capital Institute). Short sequences in this style were used both as introductory "pre-learning" content objects (which could be embedded in promotional e-mails) and also projections in the classroom itself. 

Attendees could also access these "learning nuggets" in perpetuity following the course, leading to improved retention as complex topics could be revisited on demand.

Example 2:

This second example is a click-through sequence designed to explain a key concept in statistical analysis: don't confuse correlation with causation! 

Further notes:

This animation was also produced for the Analytics for Talent Management course mentioned above.