Custom e-Learning

In this video demo (approx. 6'40") Learn Interactive co-founder Bruno Kavanagh walks you through a highly original learning solution designed to prepare human services professionals for work in residential homes for people with learning disabilities.

Further notes:

The solution above is notable for both technical and instructional innovation.

On the technical side it's a fully responsive (mobile first) design enabling access to a rich and immersive learning experience via a hand-held device.

On the instructional side this is truly "learner-centric" instructional design: the learners themselves are providing a significant portion of the content (including video) and critiquing and commenting on each other's contributions. This helps to create a community of practice where peers are learning from each other, as opposed to traditional top-down instruction.

Of course, not everything in this demo will be relevant to your organisation: our deep experience of different organisations and their learning needs, we tailor a solution that’s right for you.

We’re deeply immersed in the theory and practice of adult learning design but we never lose sight of our client’s need to show measurable Return on Investment (ROI).

Our client-side experience shows us the world through the buyer’s lens: we know what you want out of an agency, and will work day and night to deliver on those expectations.