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Learn Interactive: eLearning solutions for business

Smarter people. Better outcomes.


Learn interactive

Learn Interactive draws on two decades of experience designing and delivering digital learning projects for some of the world’s most admired organisations (McKinsey & Company, Johnson & Johnson, University of Texas and many others).

We offer an end-to-end service focussed on delivering sustainable and measurable improvements in business performance. The three key elements are:

  • Instructional design: We develop an instructional approach that's built around the specific learning styles of your target audience.
  • Content development: We design content that engages and delights learners, empowering them to develop both as individuals and as team members within your organisation.
  • Technology: We select and deploy a technology platform that's the best fit for your organisation's unique learning needs, leveraging existing investments wherever possible.

Our long experience in the sector matters: we know what works—and what’s a waste of time and money. 

In short, we deliver better learning outcomes for individuals and the organisations they work for.

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Scroll down for more detail on how we can help your organisation meet—and exceed—critical business goals through smarter digital learning.

Your energy and vision pushed our online and digital professional education to new heights.
— CLIENT: Johnson & Johnson

Global Resources

Learn Interactive's global talent extends from the USA via the UK to India. 


Custom e-Learning

A digital learning strategy is critical to the success of any organisation. Our unique learning needs discovery process can rapidly uncover the critical skills gaps that are holding your business back.

Having identified the deficit, we work with you to specify what good performance looks like. On this basis we design a tailored learning environment that gets your learners from suboptimal to optimal performance.


Rapid e-Learning

"Rapid e-Learning" is a term used to describe no-frills learning that can be turned around quickly using industry standard development tools and templates.

This contrasts with Custom e-Learning (see above) because, put simply, it's quicker and lower-cost. However, in many cases, it can be just as powerful and effective.


Video Production

At Learn Interactive video is in our DNA. Whatever your budget, we can deliver rich and high-impact video as part of the learning mix.

From international location shoots to informal video captured on a smart phone, we can help plan the best possible budget allocation to deliver a media strategy that will massively enhance the impact of your learning.

Animation Design

Animation, like video, can significantly enhance the impact of a learning experience. 

A growing body of research (see here) points to the beneficial effect of humour on learning outcomes. Used appropriately, it works!

Learn Interactive benefits from a global network of outstanding graphic artists and animators, who produce impactful, aesthetically beautiful work ranging from simple 2D diagrams to complex 3D models.


Content Development

Whether you're using animation, video or just plain text, the success of any learning project comes down to the content. 

Complex topics need to be presented simply and clearly, to engage each learner at a level where they feel comfortable. From here we can guide and develop the learning experience as each learner grows in confidence and performance improves. 


Technology Solutions

A digital learning strategy needs a digital delivery platform. Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to build on existing technologies, Learn Interactive has two decades of experience developing and/or enhancing effective platforms for learning delivery.

Access to a world-class team of offshore developers, designers and project managers enables us to keep costs low while maintaining outstanding levels of quality and support.


  • Learning architecture rich in experiential media and collaborative learning opportunities
  • Project management of domestic and offshore resources (both creative and technical) 
  • Content that excites and stimulates learners through deep cognitive engagement
  • Rapid e-learning & responsive m-learning authored using industry standard platforms
  • Compliance as required with all necessary delivery standards (SCORM / xAPI etc.)
  • Scalability through access to content & technical resources in three continents (US / EU / India)