Our Model for Effective Learning


A successful learning project has a lot of moving parts. As the diagram shows, client delight is always front and centre of everything we do.

Our Model for Effective Learning

Our Learning Philosophy

There are a lot of theories about learning, and we're deeply invested in the cognitive science behind what makes learning effective.  That said, much of the research on learning can be boiled down to a few common sense items: learners need to be motivated; they need to feel that they have some input and control in the process of learning; and, often, learners learn best from each other through guided social interaction within a peer group or community of practice. And finally there's the most important guiding principle of all: storytelling. As a species, we human beings learn most effectively from stories, not instructions.

The diagram below represents a summary of what we consider the most important elements that contribute to the success of a well-designed learning project.

Effective Learning A successful learning project