Learning That Works

Learn Interactive draws on two decades of experience designing and delivering digital learning projects for some of the world’s most admired organisations (McKinsey & Co., Johnson & Johnson, University of Texas and many others).

We offer an end-to-end service focussed on delivering sustainable and measurable improvements in business performance. The three key elements are:

  • Technology roll-out: We select and deploy a technology platform that's the best fit for your organisation's unique needs
  • Instructional design: We develop an instructional approach that's built around the specific learning styles of your target audience 
  • Content development: We design content that engages and delights learners, empowering them to develop both as individuals and as team members within your organisation 

Our long experience in the sector matters: we know what works—and what’s a waste of time and money. 

In short, we deliver better learning outcomes for individuals and the organisations they work for.

Custom eLearning

Based on vast experience of different organisations and their learning needs, we tailor a solution that’s right for you. We’re deeply immersed in the theory and practice of adult learning design but we never lose sight of our clients' need to show measurable Return on Investment (ROI).

Our client-side experience shows us the world through the buyer’s lens: we know what you want out of an agency, and will work day and night to deliver on those expectations.

Rapid eLearning

We use industry standard development tools (and, where appropriate, out-of-the-box LMS solutions) to turn around outstanding courses and modules within a demanding time-frame—always working within your budget. Even in the most compressed turnaround time, our rapid development courses will always aspire to follow sound principles of learning design, keeping end-users active and engaged.

Offshore development

The ability to deliver instant scale at high quality and low cost is an invaluable asset to our partners and customers. Learn Interactive enjoys deep and longstanding relationships with hand-selected vendors in India and elsewhere, many of whom we've known and worked with for many years.

This gives us a unique ability to find the right resources for your project. With Learn Interactive as your interface, you'll be connected to outstanding, well-managed teams of solutions architects, software developers and carefully vetted, world-class content resources.

Learn Interactive will manage the workflow through a single point-of-contact based in the UK or USA, ensuring seamless integration with your internal teams. In short, we take all the headaches and anxiety away and ensure that the experience of offshore development is beneficial and enjoyable for all parties.

Media production

We can deliver video and animation (2D and 3D) to consumer-grade quality. At Learn Interactive, we don't believe you need to break the bank to create rich media of the highest quality. Even low-budget video can be produced in such a way as to maximise impact and learning effectiveness.

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Your energy and vision pushed our online and digital professional education to new heights.
— CLIENT: Johnson & Johnson