This page showcases our range of services, from video and animation design to turnkey learning platform deployment. Contact us to discuss the right blend of learning solutions for your business and budget.


In this video demo (approx. 6'40") Learn Interactive co-founder Bruno Kavanagh walks you through a highly original learning solution designed to prepare human services professionals for work in residential homes for people with learning disabilities.

Further notes:

The solution above is notable for both technical and instructional innovation.

On the technical side it's a fully responsive (mobile first) design enabling access to a rich and immersive learning experience via a hand-held device.

On the instructional side this is truly "learner-centric" instructional design: the learners themselves are providing a significant portion of the content (including video) and critiquing and commenting on each other's contributions. This helps to create a community of practice where peers are learning from each other, as opposed to traditional top-down instruction.

Of course, not everything in this demo will be relevant to your organisation: our deep experience of different organisations and their learning needs, we tailor a solution that’s right for you.

We’re deeply immersed in the theory and practice of adult learning design but we never lose sight of our client’s need to show measurable Return on Investment (ROI).

Our client-side experience shows us the world through the buyer’s lens: we know what you want out of an agency, and will work day and night to deliver on those expectations.

#2: Rapid e-Learning

Rapid e-learning is template-driven and therefore quicker (and lower-cost) to produce than custom solutions. But "rapid" doesn't have to mean lower quality. The demo below (approx. 3' 50") shows how a series of standard templates can deliver an immersive, simulation-type exercise.

Further notes:

This learning experience was prepared for the McCombs School of Business (University of Texas). It demonstrates how an immersive, simulation-type exercise can be deployed using s a series of simple templates. This puts rich and deeply engaging learning experiences within reach, even on a tight budget. 

The project above was developed with our own proprietary templates. However the latest releases of industry-standard platforms such as Adobe Captivate 2017 (fully responsive and mobile-ready) make it more possible than ever to deliver high-quality e-learning in weeks (or even days)...not months.

Expertise in rapid development platforms, as well as our own standardised learning templates, means we can turn around engaging learning within the most demanding deadlines. 

Out-of-the-box LMS solutions can also be up and running very quickly and cost-effectively, with minimal fuss.


Video and animation (sometimes called "rich media") can massively enhance the learner experience in almost any learning context. We can make it happen on any budget: this showreel shows examples where budgets have ranged from "lavish" to "shoestring" and all points in between.

Further notes:

At Learn Interactive video production is in our DNA, drawing on experience gained at the BBC in London and from producing large volumes of original programming for the UK's leading business television network. See below for a showreel of recent work in the learning space.


Animation, like video, can massively enhance the learning experience. The showreel below shows a range of work, always tailored to ensure that client spend in this area is delivering value for money.

Further notes:

"Animation" can mean many things, from the simple extension of a line on a graph to more complex 2D "cartoon"-style graphics, all the way to 3D character modelling. The showreel above gives a taste of examples from a variety of projects, and a variety of styles.

Where appropriate we use humour too: it's common sense, but there's also mounting evidence to suggest that, used sparingly and thoughtfully, humour can bring huge benefits to the learning experience.

Animation can be expensive, but it doesn't have to be. We can ensure that you get the best possible value for your available budget.

#5: CONtent development

Whether we're using animation, video or just plain text, content development is arguably the most important component of a powerful learning experience. How do we take a complex topic and make it engaging and memorable? 

Answer: Our writers and creatives have a good track record of doing exactly this.

Click on the image below to view a range of examples.


Every organisation has unique needs in terms of the delivery of content. From a simple SCORM-compliant Learning Management System (LMS) to more complex, customised platforms, our experience and expertise can help ensure back-end technology efficiently serves the needs of both your admin staff and the end-consumers of the learning content.

The video below showcases an example of a ground-up technology project that includes both back-end management and front-end authoring support.

Further notes:

The video above showcases a great example of seamless workflow between product architects in the USA and an India-based team comprising project managers, software developers and creative graphics specialists. 

This complex and ground-breaking project was delivered on time and under-budget, and has received wide usage from major corporations including Janssen (part of Johnson & Johnson) and other household-name corporations.

Also worth noting: The video itself (3D animation using Adobe After Effects CC), also happens to be an excellent example of outstanding low-cost creativity delivered by our animation resources.

#7: Kiosk (non-Browser) application

This wonderful project came about through our associations with India: an in-depth interactive exploration of one of the oldest forms of Indian classical dance.

Further notes:

This project uses many hours of video and a cutting-edge "learn-by-doing" approach to an arts-related topic. Since its launch several years ago, the programme has been used by the Department of Education in New York City as part of blended (digital / physical) classroom activities. These are supported by detailed lesson plans for K-12 educators.

The project was originally produced as a DVD-ROM (kiosk-type application) but has since been migrated online. Several years after launch it remains highly active: the open-access website can be found at