Rapid e-Learning 

Rapid e-learning is template-driven and therefore quicker (and lower-cost) to produce than custom solutions. This page offers some examples of projects where a template-driven approach delivers quality and value-for-money.

Example 1: Business simulation

"Rapid" doesn't have to mean lower quality. The demo below (approx. 3' 50") shows how a series of standard templates can deliver an immersive, simulation-type exercise.

Further notes:

This learning experience was prepared for the McCombs School of Business (University of Texas). It demonstrates how an immersive, simulation-type exercise can be deployed using s a series of simple templates. This puts rich and deeply engaging learning experiences within reach, even on a tight budget. 

The project above was developed with our own proprietary templates. However the latest releases of industry-standard platforms such as Adobe Captivate 2017 (fully responsive and mobile-ready) make it more possible than ever to deliver high-quality e-learning in weeks (or even days)...not months.

Expertise in rapid development platforms, as well as our own standardised learning templates, means we can turn around engaging learning within the most demanding deadlines. 

Out-of-the-box LMS solutions can also be up and running very quickly and cost-effectively, with minimal fuss.

Example 2: Learning Platform for Teacher Training

This example comes from the non-profit (NGO) sector: a learning platform called FIRKI, offering professional development for teachers in government-run schools in India.

It's not a video demo, but clicking on the image (or here) will take you to the live platform.

FIRKI is an initiative from Teach For India, part of the international Teach for All network.

The technology selected is Open edX, an open-source platform that originated at Harvard University in partnership with MIT and Stanford University. It is now used by many major schools and universities worldwide for so-called MOOCs ("Massive Open Online Courses"). Open edX is a very powerful platform offering a suite of rapid authoring tools, instructional templates and localisation/translation services.

And finally...

The video below is from Adobe. It does a nice job of introducing the challenge, and the solution.

Further notes:

At Learn Interactive, we are skilled in widely-used authoring tools such as Adobe Captivate 2017, which can publish fully responsive (mobile-ready) modules and courses in hours, not days or weeks.

This content is SCORM and/or xAPI compliant, meaning that integration with a Learning Management System (LMS) is not a problem—usage and users can be tracked and user-friendly reports easily generated. If you don’t have an LMS we can help you set one up.

In short: no drama. Using open-source or industry standard platforms we can get your business up and running with fully integrated content and comprehensive user tracking/reporting.